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Eating Disorder & Disordered Eating Specialist Professional Nutritional Assessment & Advice Learning to To Love Food
Ursula Philpot's Services

Below lists the services and expertise Ursula Philpot offers. If you wish to find out more please feel free to get in contact.

Individual treatments offered

All treatments are individualised and take a holistic approach to support individuals to understand how their condition has developed and how they can optimize self management. All treatments are integrated with psychological support taken from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing (MI) and cognitive analytical therapy (CAT) to give individuals skills and strategies optimise behaviour change.

Specialist areas

Bullet Point Eating disorders
Bullet Point Disordered eating
Bullet Point Nutritional assessment and behaviour change plans
Bullet Point Mental health and Autism
Bullet Point Eating Disorders and mental health- from mild to severe
Bullet Point Practical work- eating out and preparing meal
Bullet Point weight management
Bullet Point medical nutrition interventions including: IBS, PCOS, Diabetes
Improving relationships with food


Clinical supervision is available to Dietitians new to practice.

Teaching and Training

Ursula is a qualified teacher for higher education, and holds the post of senior lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University. She is an experienced conference speaker, and has delivered a range of teaching and training packages for NHS and private health care trusts (evaluations on request). She has contributed to a range of national guidance documents and book chapters and can offer customized teaching and training within the field of nutrition and mental health, and offer clinical supervision to Dietitians new to practice.

Examples of recent teaching and training packages:

Bullet Point Behaviour change skills training for Dietitians
Bullet Point Communication skills training for Dietitians
Bullet Point Nutritional Management of Eating Disorders
Bullet Point Application of Psychological Techniques to Dietetics


Ursula is an experienced in working with the media and production companies and can communicate complex scientific and nutritional information into easy to understand messages. Nutritional Consultancy can be provided both on and off camera to ensure the goals of the programme makers are achieved.

Nutrition Training

Ursula is a qualified teacher and experienced presenter and can provide bespoke training and education packages on a variety of topics including:

Bullet Point Healthy Eating
Bullet Point Whole Family Nutrition
Bullet Point Dispelling Myths about Diet and Weight
Bullet Point Food & Mood
Bullet Point Autism and diet

Featured Articles

Ursula has a range of published work in consumer and academic press, and can communicate complex scientific information in concise and accurate way.


Referrals are accepted from GPs, Consultants and clients can also contact Ursula directly for self-referrals.
Skype Phone/e-mail sessions are available
Ursula offers full time students or unwaged a discount at 15%

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients will require a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions-to implement and evaluate dietary change and work on getting the best behaviour change strategies for themselves; these sessions can be a mix of face to face full or half sessions and e-mail/ phone/ skype depending on the client’s needs and what is practical.

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